Since I began my healing journey I have tried many different resources that assist with the mind,body, and soul. This will be a running list of services I have personally used that I believe have been beneficial to my healing journey. Enjoy!


soul bliss

"Soul Bliss was created because I needed to find natural ways to combat the health issues I was coming across.  The things I saw happening in my family were the catalyst to my holistic lifestyle...they made me pay attention to my sodium intake and blood pressure, to inflammation and arthritis triggers, etc. I refuse to let these illnesses take me out and take from me & I want to live a healthy life." 


"Handcrafted. Natural. Love."

"Handcrafted. Natural. Love."

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I used this service to find my therapist in 2015. It allows you to find therapists in your area without having insurance. My appointments ranged from $30-$50 while I was unemployed. I still go to see my therapist that I found through this website. I reccomend me this to most of my friends, family, and lights. 

Diversified lifestyle services

"Diversified Lifestyle Services (DL Services) is a Behavioral Health Counseling and Consulting Firm dedicated to helping clients reach their full potential.  We are a female, minority-owned counseling and consulting firm in the Washington metropolitan area.  We provide psychological evaluations and recommend solutions to a range of issues for individuals, couples, families, and groups.  We specialize in treating a variety of mental health disorders, as well as serving those satisfying court-ordered treatment, and individuals managing life stressors.

Professional counseling services are offered both on and off site and are provided at our Maryland (MD) and District of Columbia (DC) offices. For your convenience, our practice has clinicians licensed in MD and DC.  We offer a variety of disciplines to meet an individual’s needs."



gluten-Free chelsea

" 2014 I was diagnosed with a heart condition that they believe was mild Tricuspid Regurgitation and my blood pressure was through the roof. Years of eating processed food doesn't help that out much either." This is a blog that promotes eating for your allergies.