I provide services to assist you with being free. These services range from Tarot to Self-Care Coaching. If you are interested in booking please feel free to contact me below.

Testimonials from those who illuminate my life while allowing me to illuminate theirs.

My reading with Kalyn was all the way worth it and everything I needed! She read my life with some truths that were hard to swallow but was sure to empower me every step of the way. Her energy is comforting ensuring you that she wants you to win. Like who doesn’t appreciate that? Days later I’ve implemented the advice she’s given and now seeing the changes thanks to her guidance. Definitely do yourself a favor and book a reading! - Anonymous

I received my intuitive/oracle reading on Tuesday October 24th. The reading was very insightful and left me feeling I had a better idea of what to do next with the information I was given. Ka'lyn did an excellent job of taking the issues I was facing and relaying them in a way that was relatable and flushed out exactly what I was trying to say. She explained the meaning of the cards pulled and what the message represented was in great detail. I received a lot of confirmation of things I have been feeling and seeing and was very glad about that. Overall, I am very pleased with the reading I received and I am excited to see what results from the information I was given. - Anonymous

Ka’lyn’s intuitive counseling has been an amazing service to me. She helped me to tap into my greatest potential and move forward in my healing process. Trusting the process of healing is one of the first things that she suggested that I do. I’ve trusted the process and have been growing ever since. Along with help of my therapist (that Ka’lyn suggested I try through Open Path) and the intuitive counseling, I’ve been living my best life lately! If you’re looking for that extra push or helping hand to get you where you need to be, this is it. ⁃ Shanyah

Ka'Lyn saved me and continues to do so in more ways than she knows. I became physically ill due to repressed stress overwhelming anxiety and depression. Ka'Lyn provided me a reading via phone that immediately elevated my room. She continued to service and care for me by suggesting various holistic methods to get me back to where I was. From crystal recommendations with explanations, intentions and ritual suggestions, answering my random questions,and most importantly always reminding me to follow my intuition and encouraging me to live my authentic life. She is a healer, a resource, and a genuine mothering spirit in which everyone could benefit from. - Tyler-Leah

Although being nervous for my first reading with Ka'Lyn, her calm demeanor and positive attitude set the tone for an insightful and revealing reading. I gave a high-level overview of what was on my mind, and she connected those issues with the cards she pulled in a detailed, helpful discussion. Her reading went beyond vague interpretations, with actionable and simple ways for me to let go and live in the present. It was as if she was the other voice in my head calling me out point by point and telling me to stop sweating the small stuff. Mahalo nui loa!- Jazzmin