April is National Poetry Month and many of you may not know this but I began writing as a poet when I was a teen. I started performing my poems in high school and continued to perform throughout college. I studied Creative Writing in college and got my first degree in Linguistics and Poetry. Writing has always been my way of expressing the things I never had the courage to say but Poetry was and will always be my first love. 

This month I will be posting poems weekly to show not only my love for poetry but force myself to share this part of my light that I have kept hidden for almost 5 years now. Sharing these poems with you dating back to almost 10 years ago is my way of showing that I trust my readers. Your light shines so brightly on to me that it makes me want to revisit things that once brought me joy.

Every poem will have a short back-story and graphic that can be reposted on social media. If you are also a poet or want to try some different poem styles use the hashtag #scintillatingstanzas when posting so I can read them! I will also be posting some writing prompts that I loved doing. Enjoy!


If something is sewn together poorlyit falls apartgirlswho take tattered garmentsmake-shift patchesto cover holesthat come frompuncturingrelationshipsbadsexandlackofcommitmenteach limb sewn to a battered bodyuneven y.png

In 2012 I found myself in a situation where I was not looking for a relationship but using men as a way to rebuild myself. This poem is about someone who, through their actions, reminded me that I was not only lacking self-worth but also the dignity to know when to walk away. I even recorded this poem for their album in an effort to make them see how I felt. Needless to say, that didn't do a damn thing. They just thought it was a cool intro to their song. Being in a cycle of abuse and trauma made it easy for me to end up in the strangest situations with men. I never wanted to be with them but I always wanted to have a piece of them. A twisted cycle. I am so happy that I have healed from trying to fill that void. 



Have you ever been in this situation? Let me know! 

Come shine with me!