How I Got Over: Ashley from Soul Bliss

I was super honored and excited to have Ashley from Soul Bliss be the feature for this month’s installment of “How I Got Over”. She just celebrated her 1-year anniversary of her company and is working towards some amazing things for the second year! I am a part of the #SOULBLISSHIVE and I love all of her products.  I ask her the usual questions but also included some about her business. Her journey and story are so beautiful and truly an inspiration. Like I always say it’s a blessing to have friends who don’t mind shining their lights onto you so that you can shine even brighter, Ashley is a true testament of that.


K: Who are you at this very moment?

A:  How do I answer that? Lol I’m just here, flowing. I’m a sister, daughter, aunt to 5 amazing humans, a friend, a business owner, a healer, a part-time vegan, a sometimes yogi...I’m just me.

K: Are you who you thought you’d be? Why or Why not?

A: I’ve been in a very reflective state over the last few months - thinking about where I was 5 years ago, 3 years ago, 7 days ago even.  I’m always growing and changing and I had no clue I’d be this person.  It wasn’t my “plan” but I’m a much better me than I would’ve thought.

K: What is your life’s mission?

A: One thing that has never changed is that I’ve always known this life, for me, is about helping people.  How I have and will do that while I’m here will continue to change and evolve but it is always the foundation of what I do.

K: How did you get over?

A: I’ve been abused. I’ve used alcohol to cope with and escape life. I’ve been abandoned by my father. My older brother was murdered when I was 16 and he left behind 3 kids so I’ve stepped into roles that were far beyond my years and responsibilities.  I’ve treated myself poorly because of what I’d been through, how I grew up...the list goes on.

Losing my grandmother started me on a healthier path (she died from a brain aneurysm from high blood pressure) because she was “young” when she passed.  At 23, I’d lost my last living grandparent and I realized there wasn't anyone in my family over 70 and that that shouldn't be the norm.  I’d had enough and decided to give myself more. There was a snowball effect there - me paying attention to my salt intake and stress levels in 2013 led me to a holistic lifestyle.  

I stopped playing victim.  Those things happened but now what? Now you get into healthy eating, yoga, meditation, nature, therapy, and more.  Now you do everything you can to be happy and live well, you deserve it.

K: Share your light (quote, song, lyric, photo, memory).  

Copy of God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,Courage to change the things I can,And wisdom to know the difference..png

Ashley's Light

I call my nieces and nephew My Kids because they’re my babies and I’m not a typical aunt.  I’ve lived with some of them, I’ve gone to their parent-teacher conferences, I’ve helped with college essays, stepped in when they were bullied… They’re everything to me. They’re my light.


K: What was the moment when you realized that Soul Bliss was needed and had to be created?  

A: Other people saw it before me.  They’d see me making products for myself on social media, come to my house and drink tea I’d made, and I’d give them things as gifts.  They kept saying I should sell everything and one day it finally clicked that 1. I could share these things AND 2. I could get paid for doing what I love doing everyday - living my life.

It’s still wild to me because a few of my creative dreams were shot down by my dad and other family when I was growing up and I stopped dreaming. All I heard was that I should go to college and become “somebody” (whatever that even means).  Now it’s like, “what do EYE want to do, what makes ME happy? This is MY life”


K: What is the purpose of Soul Bliss?

A: Soul Bliss is a source for the soul & overall wellness.  We have natural and handmade body products, teas, tinctures, and other apothecary items, I do consultations and one-on-one sessions, events, custom orders, etc.  If I don’t do it, I’m able to point you in the direction of someone that does.


K: Now that it’s been a year, what have you learned about having your own business?

A: Pros and cons? Lol we don’t have the kind of time to list what I’ve learned BUT - you’ll learn a lot, you’ll make mistakes, you have to outsource, delegate, and ask for help, don’t overthink, don’t be too hard on yourself and take care of yourself.  It is very easy for those of us who take care of others to neglect ourselves so I schedule in time for me.  I have a morning wellness routine written in my planner and take myself on dates...I treat myself well...really well.

K: Anything new coming (that you’d like to share)?

A: We’re re-launching this Spring! New products, new packaging, and our own site in addition to the current etsy shop.  We’ll also have some wellness events coming up and we post everything on IG so you can follow for updates!