a time to release and a time to heal

Writing has been an outlet for me for most of my life. I wrote because of sadness but never from a place of happiness. When I would be in a good mood, I had no words. 

My stories were heavy, introspective, and exposing but all created some form of release. My stories allowed me to express my deepest secrets in a way that made me feel free, but only for a minute. 

Once the story is told and the world knows my side of the story, I had to ask myself "what now?"  I believed that my stories would act as a supplement to my therapy and that was the only way that I could heal. I was wrong.

This blog is not a blog of my stories. This blog is not a blog of my pain. This blog is a chronicling of my healing and that healing is my gift to the world.

I chose this exact day and time to launch because the New Moon in Virgo is the time to heal for me. My journey continues. Healing is a never ending journey and my hope is that through this blog I can help others heal.

As I heal, I will heal others. As I shine, others will shine with me. 

if we're going to heal,let it be GLORIOUS..png

I will be using this space to discuss my own healing process, along with the processes of others I trust. This space will be honest and forthright. It will be just as transparent as I am. If you have a topic that you want me to write about feel free to send it to me here. You can also message me here if you want chat. 

Blog posts will go up every wednesday to illuminate our week. 

Come shine with me.