That New New

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This blog has been pushing along for almost 4 months now. I am so amazed and humbled to be able to provide content that resonates with my spirit and the spirit of others. I have been working on trying to create more content and things that will engage you and encourage you. 

The creation of this blog happened literally during a meditation session I did with myself. I found myself feeling inadequate in many ways and I  felt like I needed to ground myself and allow my heart to guide me. So I did. That guidance led me to this blog. The name You Are A Light stemmed from others reminding me that I was a light in their lives and that always made me feel so loved. I realized that I was only a light because of how brightly they shined on me. It was a reflection of their light and then a reflection of mine.

I had a great talk with someone and we brainstormed about ways to make our blogs better. She gave me so many great ideas and I am so excited to reveal what I have been working on for 2018. 

Here we gooooo

  • The Confidence Corner: Okay, so boom, I do a lot of readings, intuitive counseling, and advice giving to those I love. I value being compassionate and willing to lend an ear to those who need me and providing positive advice to those who request it of me. I have decided to start this new section of my blog so that I can be of service to anyone who needs some unbiased positive reinforcement. The Confidence Corner is an anonymous question -- answer section where I will provide advice and suggestions for our day to day problems. It's like Dear Abby but not really. My goal is to uplift and encourage. 
  • How I Got Over: Every month starting in January I will be featuring women and men who have overcome something through a means of therapy, writing, art, entrepreneurship, etc. These short interviews will allow them to tell their story but also provide wisdom for all of us who can relate to them and what they have been through.
  • Light-Mail: I am starting an email chain. Yeah, you read that right.  Every month I will choose 5 subscribers to start an email chain with me. The chain will go a little something like this: I will send an encouraging email to someone, they will send it on to the next, and so on, and so on, until the chain comes back to me. I am doing this so that we can keep the #LIGHTSHOW going by giving flowers to people we may or may not know. It is completely optional, of course. 

I am super excited to start 2018 with these new ideas and I hope that they will enhance your experience whenever you come to my blog. Do you have any ideas or things you'd like to see me do next year on here? Comment below or email me! I would LOVE to hear your ideas! This is OUR blog so I have to make sure we are alllllll benefiting from it.



Come shine with me!