DIY #SelfCareSunday


I hope this week has been just as beautiful as you are. To get you through the next week, here's a #SelfCareSunday tip that I like to use.


This week I decided to make my own rose water for the first time. I usually stay away from DIY projects because they never come out the "right" way but I took a chance. I saw a video a while ago where Princess Nokia, a rapper from NY, made her own rose water.  I remember watching that video and thinking "damn, that seems therapeutic". This same video appeared on my twitter feed this week and that was all the confirmation I needed. 

It was very easy to make. I will list the directions below. The entire process was beautiful from start to finish. With each Rose I said "thank you for your love, beauty, and compassion" and as I put them into the water I said it again. I wrote a small note, dressed it with Heart Chakra oil, and set the rose water out under the full moon (my own extraness). I also put a rose quartz on top of the container as it brewed naturally overnight. The next morning I bottled it in mason jars with a little Florida water, petals, and some more 'thank yous'. It was such a peaceful experience and might I add, it smells GREAT! 

Here is how I made it:

  1. Picked roses (I got mine from a local nursery)
  2. Boiled Water (I boiled filter water just to be on the safe side)
  3. Ripped them up and put them into a giant glass mason jar (it doubles as a sangria container ;-) )
  4. Poured the boiling water in
  5. Let it sit overnight 
  6. Next day -- strain it, 1/4 Florida Water and 3/4 Rose Water 

*you can store it in the fridge for a few months or so (according to Pinterest)

Let me know if you make it or if you have made your own version. I would love to know! I hope you take the time this week to make something that requires patience, love, and compassion.