Sex·u·al·i·ty and Spir·it·u·al·i·ty

Photo from my sister studying abroad in Paris. 

Photo from my sister studying abroad in Paris. 


I am spiritual, yes, but I am also sexual. I am a woman who is attracted to the inner workings of others, not just what they present on the outside, no matter the “classification”.

So when I think about what it means to be a sexual being and what sexuality is I cannot see it in terms of just physical. I see it in terms of purely spiritual now. I am looking at this from an aspect of what serves the spirit, intellect, and your sexual desires.

We are sexual beings and sometimes physical attraction can supersede your best judgment. Being self-aware makes it difficult to give into those ideas about sex that used to drive you.  Spirit/soul, whatever you call it, is genderless. It is a compilation of everything but gender. Every person has both masculine and feminine energy in them which is what their spirit may present. For a lack of better words, the spirit wants what serves it.

As you go through your journey and begin to heal those parts of you that determined how you looked at sex and relationships, you will see that although someone is highly attractive, if it doesn’t feed that spirit, then it stops at the attraction.


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It is nearly impossible to force yourself to be attracted to what doesn’t serve you when you are on your path to ascension. Your body will not experience arousal the same. Physical touch will not feel as heightened unless your spirit is moved. It will be difficult to fuck dummies. I am being quite frank here but people will not be able to lure you in by just their outer appearance.


I am not saying that you will only be sexually aroused by someone you love but I am saying that your arousal will come from the spirit to the flesh. Discernment is the key here. Use your light to figure out what serves your sexual urges.


I have a task for you all this week that may or may not push boundaries. I encourage you all to try intentional masturbation.


Here is my take on what it is and how it works:

Intentional masturbation is something that I roughly coined myself. I am not the first person to think of it, I am sure, but I stand by it. It is setting intentions prior to arousal and manifesting during orgasm. It involves setting the mood. Scents are super important. If you are prone to nervousness when masturbating, I suggest lavender for it’s calming factors. Once you begin your session focus on how your body feels and listen to it. When you are about to climax, stop. Mimic the concept of edging. As you begin to edge allow your intentions to come back and as you climax release that intention.


I believe this form of arousal allows you to fully be in tune with what your body wants while also being in tune with what the spirit wants. The climax allows you to release not only physically but spiritually which provides a natural high feeling.

I used this method a lot during the healing process of my sacral chakra and heart chakra. It helped me do a lot of healing. Most of my intentions were centered about sexuality, trauma, and releasing what no longer served me.

I suggest this to most of my clients because it can promote clear and healthy decisions, especially sexually.

What are your thoughts on spiritual vs physical attraction? Do you feel like you can differentiate between the two? Comment below, tweet me, or email me your thoughts.


I want us all to have better sex with people who serve our spirits.


Come shine with me! 

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